Exhilaration Animation is a small, but growing, animation organization founded by Ben Weiss in January 2014. The primary focus is animated movies, but webseries, shorts and other animated content are on their way.

Our first project, which we are currently working on, is titled Goofballs, a feature-length film set to release November 2015. It's been in development since May 2014, but you can read more about it on its page.

Exhilaration Animation also has some divisions that specialize in different parts. These are SEVEN Productions (now dysfunct), WeissCap and Exhilaration Animation TV.

SEVEN Productions was a division that handled animated shorts, mostly those for advertisements and other text. It was also used for experimenting with animation.

WeissCap handles all official closed captioning and subtitling for Exhilaration Animation content, regardless of the length (but only necessary if dialogue or distinct sounds are heard). However, Exhilaration Animation welcomes people to submit their own subtitling for other languages if they are able to and the subtitling is valid.

Exhilaration Animation TV will handle any content intended for television broadcast, or made in a broadcast form.